December 8, 2009

JibJab effects in After Effects + elf yourself yourself

Greyscale Gorilla shows you how to Make the JibJab Effect using After Effects and the Tracker, which follows a similar tutorial posted earlier on AE Tuts, Create the JibJab Effect by Adam Everett Miller.

This effect should be popular this time of year with Elf Yourself and other semi-custom toys by JibJab. By the way, JibJab posts behind the scenes videos and background on the use of AE in their productions; see for example Putting it All Together.

Update: Adobe's Serge Jespers talks about how to start a Flash app similar to Elf Yourself with AE tracking, or how to elf yourself yourself, in Personalized video on the web,


jerry said...

hey guy great if it all worked right after i track then i click once to highlight the attach point then i go to scripts and pick convert selected properties to markers thei see there are markers bur it doesnt give the markers a dot like yours meaning it doesnt name any of the markers i dont want to double click then give it a name or number yours does it for you whats wrong i am using a mac intel leopard version thanks !!!!!

Rich said...

You could ask the person who created whichever tutorial you followed. This is a kind of news hub linkfest.