December 16, 2009

Duik Tools tutorial (IK script for After Effects)

Duik Tools, the inverse kinematics script for After Effects from France, now has an English language video tutorial. Here's an embed but check out the Vimeo page for more info and a skeleton source file:

Update: FAMOS later posted this,


Flavio said...

thank's for this tutorial!
all the best

Mark said...

Hi there, I got a problem with rigging an arm that has a FK-finger setup at the end. The arm itself works fine but the fingers are disconnecting when I move the hand controller. Is there a workaround? Already tried nesting the fingers in another Null but the result is the same. I guess I'm overlooking something basic. Please help a blind artist ;) Thanks in advance!

Rich said...

You an get info on Duik Tools from their website and on forums like the Adobe AE forum, for example: