October 9, 2010

More this week in After Effects

Here are some AE items new this week that were not already mentioned here:

  • Channel effects tutorials on 'luma to alpha' (part1, part 2) from Felt Tips on Vimeo.
  • Update (pictured) from Mike Cardeiro of his script Trajectory, which lets you align layers in a comp evenly in 3D between 2 nulls, with delay controls for animation.
  • ActivateDisabledExpressions, a script by Lloyd Alvarez, will go through selected layers, an entire comp or several selected comps and activate any disabled expressions.
  • DuplicateLayers-n-UpdateExpressions, another script by Lloyd Alvarez, will duplicate the selected layers and if any of the layers have expressions referencing any of the layers being duplicated it will update the expressions to point to the newly duplicated layers (watch the demo).
  • Update to The LoopMaker script by Lloyd Alvarez, which "loops any layers, footage or comps with one click™."
  • Several tutorials and articles on AEtuts.
  • Both parts of Automatic Animation from Motionworks are up (Auto-Keyframe mode, Motion Sketch, Wiggler and Wiggle expressions, creating motion paths from Illustrator path, Shape Layer Wiggle, Text Wiggly Selector, and various automated effects).

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