October 13, 2010

Iced Up Text tutorial

Shortformvideo has a very quick texture tutorial with project file for After Effects in AE Tutorial – Iced Up Text:

Update: this tutorial might be a good starting point; Michael Szalapski and Ryan MacAfee provided other leads in a thread in July:

"This tutorial gives some color suggestions and ideas to have that frosty puff of cold air. It might point you in the right direction.
This one covers freezing a scene outdoors.
Both of them should give you some good tips, but you want just titles not working with footage so think about what makes you think of ice. Sparkling, blue, frosty...how can you get that in AE?
Well, this custom search turns up a lot including some free project files.
Also, I thought of this tutorial.
You could make it look like your titles are sitting on a reflective ice shelf.And this tutorial kinda looks like glass or ice."

"I have used this in the past with a logo.

Danny Winn also had some pointers,
"Under effects go to generate, choose "Cell Pattern". Then in the Cell Pattern effects settings there is a default setting called "Bubbles", drop that menu down and you'll have the crystals and crystalize option as well as a few more. You can tweek about all of that effect from size to movement. You can also go to the color correction effects to change the crystal colors. ... It might be a good idea to set your crystal layer to overlay (in the blending mode options), try a few to see what works best."

Also, the AE filter Alpha Ice Pattern aka Panopticon Ice Pattern is available for older versions of AE.

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