October 22, 2010

Delirium v2: reworked to 45 effects

Delirium version 2 has been reworked from several previous Digieffects filter sets and now offers 45 effects spread across 6 categories. It'll be nice to get reacquainted with some old favorites that may have been lost in my reactions to frequent OS changes on the Macintosh. Some interesting stuff didn't make the cut, including the long lost TILT 3D Tools, which supported 3D object imports too far ahead of its time. The overview below shows only a glimpse of Delirium's potential [update: replaced by Delirium at work].

Upgrades and new features include:
  • 64 bit compatible
  • 32 bits per channel
  • Added Walker Effects plug-ins
  • Speed Optimizations
  • New Textures
  • New presets and project files

Delirium at Work from digieffects on Vimeo.


Tom Daigon said...

Delirium was very impressive 10 years ago when I first purchased it and now it is quite pathetic considering all the other plug-ins that are available that look much better and do much more
(i.e. Trapcode, Boris, FX Factory,etc,)

Atlanta Video Production said...

I can't say that I'm impressed :/

Rich said...

Are you guys basing opinions on actual use of version 2 filters? Or just looking at the promos? Like everyone I want more for less, but haven't had a chance to try them yet myself.

And AVP, why not remake the Kamehameha After Effects Tutorial only in AE? Andrew Kramer seems to have done fine doing something similar:

Anonymous said...

The example Delerium uses are honestly pathetic. I'm so embaressed for them, this garbage looks like it's out of a highschool class from the 90s.

If the delerium kats were smart they'd hire a proper company to use their plugins and make some AWESOME examples ...

It's a no-brainier that the majority of AE users (who have little skill save for a few Kramer techniques) would be sold just on the "Wow, those can do this" factor.

The images would speak the loudest. Like when the 3d renderer Brazil put examples on their website 10 years ago ... those alone made you want it.

Not sure why more companies don't do the same. It's SOOO simple

Rich said...

Mylenium makes some similar points and adds a comment in favor of the Walker Effects filters: