October 24, 2010

Time-lapse and dynamic pans

Drew Geraci aka TheVoder.com posted Creating Dynamic Pans in your Timelapse (below via Lester Banks), which shows how to:

  • batch process your images to save system resources
  • create a dynamic link between Premiere and After Effects
  • create a camera and null object within After Effects to apply to your time-lapse
  • create a pan (or zoom) in your time-lapse

See also Creating Timelapse Movies in After Effects, with an example by Ross Chang and a similar tutorial from Rich Harrington. [update: targeted more to Photoshop users is QuickHit #8: Creating Time-Lapse Movies in AE (Pt. 1) from Colortrails.]

By the way, After Effects has a filter called Color Stabilizer to fix flicker in time-lapse (see also the "auto effects"). Granite Bay has a nice guide on causes and cures to fix it, and a video on using their AE plug-in GBDeflicker. There's also GenArts Tinder DeFlicker which has about six ways to remove flicker to do multiple passes, but there's no CS5 version yet.

Here's Drew Geraci's tutorial:

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