October 16, 2010

AE FAQ videos by Todd Kopriva

Video2Brain has a free series of AE video FAQs by Adobe's Todd Kopriva (aka "Clippy"), Adobe After Effects CS5: Frequently Asked Questions:

"In this free course, Todd Kopriva, co-author of Adobe After Effects CS5 Learn by Video, helps you avoid common After Effects hiccups with a collection of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Whether you´re having audio hiccups, getting pixelated vector graphics, or getting oversized files or jerky playback, Todd equips you to zip past these common hurdles and get back to creating great effects."

If you're having performance issues in CS5, that FAQ is a good place to start looking for help.

series is a prelude to a Video2Brain course by Todd and Angie Taylor due in November, After Effects CS5 Learn By Video, a book with video on AE fundamentals.

Update: the real Clippy was spotted at Conigs.


Todd Kopriva said...


That's just mean.

Todd Kopriva said...

BTW, the FAQ videos are linked to from the respective entries in the FAQ list here:

Rich said...

I thought the name came from you!

I rarely encountered Clippy myself. I used Word 5.1 on the Mac for years and switched back to Windows after Clippy was gone.