October 17, 2010

'Monsters' and After Effects [updated]

The latest fxpodcast from FXGuide is a broad discussion with Gareth Edwards about his film Monsters, with a few details on the use of AE:

"Like Atilla [which drew from for his Fxphd course], Edwards did all of the vfx and cgi work on Monsters in Adobe’s Creative Suite (including Premiere) and 3ds Max. The film included over 200 visual effects shots. He also served as director and DOP, shooting the movie with a Sony EX3 over several weeks in Central America and Mexico with a crew of four."

Edwards managed to put together the movie for thousands instead of millions (budget rumored $15,000 to the very low six-figures). Here's more from behind the scenes:

Update: Fxguide TV #97 has more coverage... and via @motiongfx Post has more too, see Director's Chair: Gareth Edwards - 'Monsters' by Randi Altman.

Update: Todd Kopriva catches us up on news on Monsters through December 2010 in recent Gareth Edwards work with Adobe software.

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