October 1, 2010

Tracking markers & tutorials

AEtuts posted Downloadable Tracking Markers – AE Premium Download:

"This package contains 8 unique, high quality tracking markers, created specially to make 3D tracking easier and more accurate. All the files are in vector format so you can size them according to your needs."

If you’ve been helped by AEtuts and would like help others (and get extra projects and other free stuff), consider becoming a Premium Member.

There have been a variety of other tracking markers posted on the internet, Eric Alba's are still available, along with a discussion of How to make Adjustable-Height Tracking Marker Poles. There's also a video of Making LED tracking markers from Andy Nicholas and VFXHack.

Last year, Hollywood Camera Work has posted 4 sample tutorials and free green screen and tracking plates from Visual Effects for Directors, which was reviewed by Mark Christiansen on PVC. Tutorials include How to place tracking markers and How to shoot for planar tracking. Here's the preview via Filmaking Central:

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