October 27, 2010

Wohl on Final Cut & the future of editing

@idustrialrev (the plug-in maker) notes 2 old videos from YAKTV where original Final Cut team member Michael Wohl discusses the development of Final Cut and the future of editing:

'In conclusion, Michael Wohl says "Final Cut will disappear" A must watch. http://vimeo.com/8665513'

It looks like Apple will need more of this because knee jerk reflex (this post included) about reports like Apple to delay FCP-8 till August 2011 “The writing is on the wall” (apparently referring to this). Meanwhile Adobe is running a full court press; see for example Is Premiere Pro outshining Final Cut Pro? and the Switch to Premiere Pro series from Chris Fenwick.

Update: Chris Fenwick's series is good, but does show the difficulties in switching between apps with only slightly different UI models; see comments to his video on mistakes in 3 Things Premiere Pro Can't Do.


s patrick said...

sensationalist bs. don't know a soul in hollywood that is jumping ship to premiere. every job out there asks for FCP experience. never seen one asking for premiere. its just not true. its called using the media to create a stir.

Rich said...

If you look at the messaging and tutorials, it's mostly beginner stuff and DSLR. It seems like they want newer people that will benefit from a workflow without transcoding.

They can't really admit they're distant third, but stability, install base, Creative Suite, and CUDA puts Premiere in a good position for future innovation.