January 8, 2011

Procedural Disintegration: 3D layer to particles

Similar to effects discussed earlier in Shatter and disintegration: techniques for our time, Quba Michalski has a new After Effects tutorial video, Procedural Disintegration, that shares a "method for disintegrating/dispersing a 3D layer into particles. The method shown here has been optimized to produce maximum amount of particles at lowest computing cost (more stuff flying around, faster renders)."

Other Quba tutorials with context can be found in previous AEP posts.
This 70-minute tutorial requires Trapcode Particular and VC Optical Flares or similar. Project and MP4 downloads are available on Quba HQ, plus there's Vimeo versions for mobile viewing. Here's a preview the current tutorial:

Update: see also the "layer removal" tutorial for Particular, Dealing With Spontaneous Particle Combustion by Ben Watts at AEtuts.


Quba Michalski said...

Heeey, thanks for featuring this piece. If it's not too much to ask - would you mind using Vimeo preview instead of YouTube? It's here: http://www.vimeo.com/18550923 and has better quality.


Rich said...

I was afraid that Vimeo wouldn't let me embed. It didn't show my embed of the tutorial.

Why is that -- don't they give you usage numbers on embeds?

Quba Michalski said...

Yea I think that's entirely my fault. I am greedy for visits to QubaHQ, so I locked the permitted domains for the tutorial itself and only permit the previews to be used around.

I could not figure out whether Vimeo is still limiting the HD embeds or not. If they don't I will unlock it for your site. Do you know anything about it?