January 7, 2011

Spirals and After Effects

 http://provideocoalition.com/ryoung/story/spirals-in-after-effectsSpirals are used as design guides and elements or paths for text, shapes, and particles. Here's a few resources for using and creating spirals in After Effects and other Adobe applications.

For an updated version of this article, see Spirals in After Effects at ProVideo Coalition.


Brian Maffitt said...

Good lord, where did you dig this up? This tutorial actually predates the 'web... I originally designed and distributed it in DocMaker, a Mac-only hypercard program, via AOL!
Kinda fun that it all still works...

Rich said...

It comes from Digital Producer, and I was happy to find it. I just noticed you said "pre-compify"!

Hey, have you considered opening the vaults on tutorials for the Atomic Power and CC plug-ins that now ship with AE?

I think they'd be popular and useful. They haven't changed that much that adding updated comments, in text or more, would be involved or even necessary.