January 31, 2011

ft-Toolbar: custom toolbar for After Effects

AE Scripts has released ft-Toolbar by Francois Tarlier. This script gives the ability to make your own custom toolbar in After Effects with effects, presets, or any commands you use the most often. At first glance it seems similar to Quick Fx Palette (a 'button bar' for effects and presets).

Toolbar’s features:

  • lets you edit the UI: add, delete, order, config buttons of your toolbar.
  • with 5 kind of buttons -- EFFECT, ANIMATION PRESET, SCRIPT LAUNCHER (.jsx or .jsxbin), MENU (for example, Time-Reverse Keyframes), JAVASCRIPT, and OS (command line, like launch a calculator)

There's a free trial of the full version of the script which is fully functional without a license for 2 weeks. Here's
a demo by Lloyd Alvarez:

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