January 21, 2011

Subblue's real time WebGL 3D fractal explorer

Subblue is featured in a recent article from Fast Company's Co.Design, Tom Beddard Grows Fractals Into Works of Art. He had been churning out free Pixel Bender filters intended for exploration and animation in After Effects CS4+. These free filters include the Droste Effect, Fractal Explorer, 4D fractal ray tracer, 3D Mandelbulb fractal, and Little Planets.

Co.Design, which has many more interesting articles, writes that Beddard is now working on:
"bringing his tools to the masses, putting the finishing touches on an open-source web application called ShaderLab which he plans to release within a few weeks. With ShaderLab, anyone will be able to generate 3-D fractal forms and interact with them in their web browser."
Here's a video generated [with a GLSL shader in AE, see comments] like you could produce with Beddard's real time WebGL 3D fractal explorer:


Satya Meka said...

This gorgeous video is not created using WebGL. It is a GLSL shader inside a Quartz Composition and rendered in After Effects using FxFactory Pro.

Rich said...
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carlos said...

Beautiful video. What is the eerie soundtrack ?