January 17, 2011

Pattern backgrounds in After Effects

In Pattern Backgrounds Inside After Effects, Brad Zimmerman shows how to create looping pattern backgrounds inside After Effects. He shows how to use a website like bgpatterns.com to create wallpaper elements to generate a pattern that can be repeated and controlled with the MotionTile and Offset effects. Also, tiling with CC RepeTile is discussed by Alan Shisko in Tiling Strategies In The 21st Century at PVC.

Project files and free background animations are posted on the Church Media Design (CMD) website. More on generating backgrounds, including a particle backgrounds tutorial from CMD, can be found in Looping backgrounds from CMD.

[update: Some Backgrounds in After Effects on AEtuts collects more of the tutorial on backgrounds from CMD. Laurence Grayson has several textured background quicktips videos; some were noted earlier in Carbon fibre+ brushed metal in After Effects. He has some free motion backgrounds.

Later, Colin Smith showed Creating Synthetic Backgrounds in Photoshop on Adobe TV.]

Here's the tutorial from Brad Zimmerman:


Brad Zimmerman said...

Thanks for the post!

Josh M. said...

Quit slathering on about Jebus and show my how to do it!

Anonymous said...

Just skip ahead to the parts you want!