January 31, 2011

Optimizing for performance for Premiere Pro & After Effects

Adobe's Todd Kopriva posted the link to a recording of the recent webinar on optimizing for performance for Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Todd also provides addition links to relevant resources supporting this wide-ranging update to performance tweaking. He says "The most comprehensive place to find information on improving performance in After Effects is the Improving performance page in After Effects Help. Much of what is listed above can also be found there, plus much more."

Of particular interest for Final Cut users is this from AE Help:
RAM Reserved For Other Applications
Increase this value to leave more RAM available for the operating system and for applications other than After Effects and the application with which it shares a memory pool. (See Memory pool shared between After Effects, Premiere Pro, Encore, and Adobe Media Encoder.) If you know that you will be using a specific application along with After Effects, check its system requirements and set this value to at least the minimum amount of RAM required for that application. Because performance is best when adequate memory is left for the operating system, you can’t set this value below a minimum baseline value.

Note: Additional project considerations were discussed by Mark Christiansen in How to Optimize Projects in After Effects CS5.

Update: via @AdobeAE, not exactly related but good for reference is a thread on the Adobe Forums, What PC to build?.


Anonymous said...

Todd is great, i love him and his never ending contribution to the community.

But ...

I wan him to be the product manager of After Effects, i want him to lead this great development team that has stuck into old schemes.

This is so poor that he has to take all the action to represent performance tweaks, Ae should perform in a normal way at least without any recommendations for tweaking.


N O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rich said...

I'm sure Todd would be good, and you never know when openings occur.

But it makes sense that he present updates to performance tweaks, since he is support lead!

One thing Todd says is "Because compositions and computer systems vary greatly, there is no one right answer to this question." Think about it: processors, memory, OS disk speeds, 3rd party plug-ins, codecs, image sizes. Plus there's how you work and approach solutions, as noted by Mark Christiansen in "How to Optimize Projects" in the link above.

You might expect too much of a product manager. AE is a large ship of code and even then just a cog in a huge machine that is tied to quarterly results. On another level AE has to try to satisfy all kinds of users.