January 24, 2010

Making DSLR movies [updated]

PrepShootPost has a few practical tips in Making Two-Camera 5D Movies. For more on DSLR video see also Prolost, Philip Bloom, and Vincent Laforet. Also check out the article/video The whole DSLR thing on MacVideo.

Update: Oliver Peters has a big well-illustrated post Easy Canon 5D post – Round II, his second summarizing a number of opinions and workflow tips from several 5D projects.

Update 2: Prolost adds Color Correcting Canon 7D Footage, with some tips (similar to those found in greater detail in The DV Rebel’s Guide) -- Shoot flat, Chose white balance wisely, Expose to the right, Do denoise, Work at high bit-depths, Sharpen last.

Update 3: see also Flatting the flat look at Eugenia’s Rants and Thoughts.

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