January 21, 2010

Generate AE text layers and distribute in 3D

Sometimes if the answer doesn't come to mind quickly, you have to make a note of it. That's the case with 3D Text Creator, an After Effects script by Lloyd Alvarez which:

"Generates text layers and distributes them in 3D space. You can define the words, 3D ranges and color variations by editing the script. The script then asks how many words you like and will loop through your list to create them.

You get two versions of the script: In 3D_text_creator.jsx you type the words in the script file and 3D_text_creator_from_file.jsx reads the words from an external file."

Update: There's a new version of the After Effects script DecomposeText, by Charles Bordenave, which added options to separate into words and lines, and the script pt_TextEdit by Paul Tuersley that lets you search for and edit text layers in an AE project and create text style presets and apply them to multiple layers with the click of a button.

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