January 12, 2010

Graffiti Analysis

via the interesting twitters of _osa_ is Graffiti Analysis, a coding project by Evan Roth and several others that studies the motion of graffiti. Here's a video noted on r27's posterous and a fun one on GML, the Graffiti Markup Language:

Click on the tag for previous AEP posts on the subject. Here's more from the Graffiti Analysis project:

"Custom software designed for graffiti writers creates visualizations of the often unseen motion involved in the creation of a tag. Motion data is recorded, analyzed and archived in a free and open database, 000000book.com, where writers can share analytical representations of their hand styles. 

Influential graffiti artists such as SEEN, TWIST, AMAZE, KETONE, JON ONE and KATSU have had their tags motion captured using the Graffiti Analysis software. All tags created in Graffiti Analysis are saved as Graffiti Markup Language (GML) files, a new digital standard used by other popular graffiti applications such as Laser Tag and EyeWriter. 

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 is an open source project that is available online for free in OSX, Windows and Linux. Graffiti writers are invited to capture and share their own tags, and computer programmers are invited to create new applications and visualizations of the resulting data. What Martha Cooper did for archiving graffiti on film, and Chalfant/Silver did for archiving graffiti in video, Graffiti Analysis intends to do for archiving graffiti in code."

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