January 3, 2010


GreyScaleGorilla reminds us why AE still needs a basic built-in 3D extrusion filter with another demo of how to make 3D text inside After Effects. With this tutorial Nick is also joining Maltaannon in going live commando; see How to make 3D Text and use 3D Stroke in After Effects – Live Tutorial. Don't miss the Gray Machine 3D preset mentioned in this tutorial and covered in Gray Machine's Retro Style Graphics and by itself by XVSProductions.

See also previous AEP posts Invigorator and other AE 3D extrusion options and Extrude AE text into 3D redux for other attempts and techniques.

LiveTut3DText3dStroke from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

Update: here's a similar live session from Maltaannon, Cool 3D stuff,

Update 2: check out this demo of Smoke running on an "unsupported" MacBookPro, More SmackBookPro - 3D Type,

More SmackBookPro - 3D Type from Matt Silverman on Vimeo.

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