January 5, 2010

Artbeats free clip daily

Artbeats is giving away a free clip every day to registered users of their website: "Each and every day, a unique and different clip will be chosen by Artbeats staff to be offered to you absolutely FREE."


Anonymous said...

I'm already a registered user of Artbeats. I get their monthly e-mail newsletter, but I've had no notice of this daily clip.

How do I get a notice sent to me of the daily clip? Or what is the link on their website?

Rich said...

I think they want you to go there every day. So just assume they have a new one daily (perfect streak of 2 days so far) until they say the promo has ended.

Trish said...

Thanks for the post Rich! You're correct, Artbeats will be giving away a different free clip each day. You can choose to download the NTSC, PAL or HD version of the clip.

We'll be sending out announcements to our eNewsletter subscribers soon and you can stay up to date on everything Artbeats by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the free footage.

Anonymous said...

It would be really nice if they could add an RSS feed so that I'd get a daily reminder to visit the site. It would help increase traffic to the site, which is obviously the intent.