March 2, 2009

Watching TV Online

Last month saw 2009 Lists of Video Search & Video Sharing sites, now TV Crunch and Gizmodo have guides for watching TV online in the US, while Sidereel and LocateTV also leverage more worldly resources. According to the blog Watching TV Online:

TV Crunch has posted a comprehensive list of the third party websites (free and pay-for) that stream TV online [in The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online].

Not included in the list are the network sites that stream their own shows. You can find that list on a Gizmodo Guide called Internet TV Remote. Both of the above lists are accessible to US viewers only.

European and Asian viewers watch TV online on video sharing sites because the networks and third party websites are still working out international copyright agreements. The best link-site by far is

Update: Along with hundreds of others, Hacknmod (backstory link 2021) has yet another list, and also references a video Build Your Own Open-Source DVR. For more on DVRs, see Comparison of PVR software packages at Wikipedia.

Update: All Things Digital has some related info in Web Video Winners: YouTube, Hulu…and MegaVideo?

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