March 19, 2009

MC: 5 Tips to Maintain Sanity in RED Post

Mark Christiansen, fresh off a preso on RED @ SFMOGRAPH, provides the latest intel on RED starting points in 5 Tips to Maintain Sanity in RED Post: Lose less life working with R3D source. Mark summarizes:

"If there’s one key take-away from this article, it’s this: for the vast majority of projects, preserving full 4K (or even 3K) data is not your main goal; you will find the greatest success by converting to a format that keeps only what you need."

If you have not been reading carefully, you may have missed that "the RED camera records 12-bit images, so a 16 bit linear TIFF or 10-bit log DPX has more than enough headroom to handle the image data at a fraction of the R3D size."

Note: Adam Wilt has some advice for using large files like RED format in Play Ping-Pong for Faster File Flipping: Separating source and destination disks can really speed thing up.

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