March 19, 2009

Live video streaming tips + marketing

via News Videographer, the blog Innovation in College Media has a post with thorough tips for doing live streaming video using Mogulus; see Mogulus live streaming tips.

The post includes reasons why they used Mogulus over Ustream; for more see Ustream vs. Mogulus: Which Live Video Streaming And Broadcasting Service Is Better? at MasterNewMedia.

Still unanswered is Who Will Be The YouTube Of Live Video? And now, there's an added question of how much of this will be from mobile phones -- see this AEP note from last August, Broadcasting live video from phone.

Lifehacker tips sometimes help me shove off free tech support requests from friends. Here's a one that helped: Strobist's How to Improve Your Cheapo Webcam Picture Quality.

Update: P Diddy adopted live video with as a way to drive his audience, according to Mashable and Watching TV Online.

Also, Ustream has "signed Oracle, Duke, Sun, UC Berkeley and Sling as customers for its paid white-label live video service, called Watershed, which launched only a month ago," according to NewTeeVee. Liz Gannes continues, "The company is also adding mobile broadcasting capabilities, which it released to consumer users a few weeks ago. While many broadcasters might be interested in white-label mobile broadcasting, at this point the Ustream/Watershed service is limited to high-end Nokia handsets. Competitors in the consumer space like Qik have moved onto other platforms, such as BlackBerry and Windows Mobile."

Update: Promotional notes in comments are fine, but they should address specifics in the particular post and link to web pages of specific concern.

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