March 15, 2009

Lightroom and video

From Twitter's 5tu (Stu Maschwitz, who proposed a Universal Color Metadata format in 2007):

"@TheLightroomLab Tom Hogarty [Adobe’s Lightroom Product Manager] mentions in this interview that Lightroom might get some kind of video support:"

Let's hope the Lightroom team talks to video/film people seriously, and borrows from the ease-of-use of Magic Bullet Looks and from others for secondaries and such, or at least bathes a bit with The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction by Steve Hullfish.

And someday we may also see something like Lightroom's Develop Module in After Effects. About a year ago Adobe announced CinemaDNG, which got coverage from Wired:

'Adobe Product Manager for After Effects, Michael Coleman, tells that “Adobe is working with the camera manufacturers to design the format to ensure that it can be used as a capture phase.” Coleman says that the company believes that “would be the ideal workflow,” and also added that Adobe is “planning a conversion solution for cameras that don’t support it.”

While CinemaDNG is theoretical for the moment, and Adobe hasn’t set a timeframe for it’s release, the company did say that it plans to support the CinemaDNG format in future releases of After Effects and Premiere Pro.'

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