March 13, 2009

More on Quicktime’s H.264 gamma bug

In The Quicktime Conundrum, Art Adams riffs off of Chris Meyer advice (using X264 codec popular on the PC) on how to get around Quicktime’s H.264 gamma bug. In the 2nd post on the topic, Art talks about reader comments:

"...Brandon Cory suggests that exporting a Quicktime reference movie from Final Cut Pro in the Animation codec and then running that through Compressor’s H.264 encoder should retain the proper gamma settings...Apparently using the right codec, one that doesn’t mess with gamma on export, is still a key to successful H.264 encoding.
david@kosmos pointed out ...the easiest way to make an H.264 Flash file from an H.264 Quicktime file is to change the extension from “.mov” to “.f4v”. That’s it. On the Mac I had to go into the H.264-encoded file’s “Get Info” properties and change the “Open with” attribute to Adobe Media Player..."

Just passing along anecdotal reports (untested here); the original poster didn't mention reference movie just an export. But hopefully no more fancy footwork or gamma stripper will needed to fix h.264 gamma.

Update: The QuickTime Gamma Bug, posted on December 31, 2010 at vitrolite, is a thoughtful and deltailed an any article I've seen

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