February 12, 2010

Lone Twitter: Apple lays off 40 of Final Cut team

Only one report so far (not double counting):

"Apple laid off 40 of my old Final Cut team yesterday, lots of good people, despite high profits."

By the way, Pete Warden, who once released free AE filters, was featured on ReadWriteWeb a few days ago in The Man Who Looked Into Facebook's Soul.

Update: The post isn't wrong -- it just reported a Twitter item. And while it doesn't mean that Final Cut is doomed, it is interesting that Pro App teams in LA and Austin seems to have been cut confidently before NAB. Then again Adobe laid off about 600 workers in 2008 and another 680 in 2009 (about 9% of its workforce each time).

By the way Pete Warden's filters haven't worked in recent versions of AE (they were released before he worked at Apple), but they are open source so someone can build on them.


Pete Warden said...

Thanks for featuring this Rich. I've had the reports confirmed by multiple affected colleagues, I'm surprised there's been no official word.

If anyone in the LA area is looking for super-smart creatives, product managers and graphics coders, please drop me a line at pete at petewarden.com

Anonymous said...

The team at Santa Monica were the diecreet team who launched Motion

Anonymous said...

Does this mean there is a new release due out?