November 10, 2009

Adobe Systems to cut jobs 9%

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Adobe Systems is planning to cut 680 jobs, about 9% of the workforce. This follows a 10% cut last December.

Later, the Merc continued: 'After announcing an earlier round of 600 layoffs last December, Adobe said in June that it had added back 264 jobs, mostly in what it called "lower-cost geographies." Adobe said its new round of layoffs will help the company align spending with its overall financial plan for 2010. While Adobe has remained profitable through the recession, analysts who follow the company said the cuts are aimed at boosting profit margins after a generally lackluster year.'

Update: Look cool without breaking the bank with last year's "The Plabt Abides" t-shirt designed by Stu Maschwitz. "Plabt" was an e-mail typo that became a term of endearment.

Also, check out Motionwork's post CoSA Lives:

"Trish Meyer has kindly granted Motionworks permission to post the Story of CoSA – the original company behind After Effects. Written by After Effects team member, Dave Simons, the article was originally published in Creating Motion Graphics Volume 3 (Part 2), and gives a wonderful insight into the early days of After Effects and the team behind it." The PDF is at Motionworks.

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