November 12, 2009

Smoke on Mac OS X soon

A month's worth of rumors about Autodesk Smoke on Mac OS X finally yielded a press release on DMN translated from Japanese and confirmation on Fxguide.

Rumors included a variety of features disabled and pricing between $15-18,000. Autodesk will have plenty of time to bring pricing down further before the other "A" video companies can fully compete. An old feature request that would help AE in this regard is better disk caching, so that files play like in an NLE. For a think piece on an Adobe Premiere-After Effects hybrid, see What Should Adobe Do With Premiere Pro? by Stu Maschwitz.

And sorry, but "Smack" was already trademarked; not sure about "McSmoke."

Update: check out Smoke on OSX for the latest news.

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