November 10, 2009

Import: drag Output Module from AE Render Q + placeholder

@aescripts had an After Effects tip on Twitter today: "Once render is done, drag the output module from the render queue into the proj window to import it."

Check out several nerdy new scripts on, like Batch Search-n-Replace Paths, CompsFromSpreadsheet, AudioToMarkers, and others.

Update: check out Todd Kopriva's comments on doing the drag from the RQ before rendering.


Todd Kopriva said...

In response to that tip:
Why wait until the render is done?

Note the note in this excerpt from "Import footage items":
"To import a rendered output file from the Render Queue panel, drag the corresponding output module from the Render Queue panel into the Project panel.

Note: If you drag an output module from the Render Queue panel into the Project panel before rendering, After Effects creates a placeholder footage item. References to the placeholder footage item are automatically replaced when the output module is rendered; the placeholder footage item itself is not replaced."

There's a similar note in the section of Help that introduces the render queue.

Todd Kopriva said...

Oh, yeah. And the Plabt abides.

Thomas said...

What about a simple "open in finder" for Mac or for PC "open in explorer" option?
I don't necessary use my rendered output in Ae back again.

Please Todd, don't tell now "adobe/go/wish", i'm tired of requested fetures that've never made it in any version.

Just tell it to the nice guys from development team that they should rework the render queue and its functionality for the next version.

especially the ability to chage the output module settings behaviour in the same way as the render settings applys to multiple selcted items in the render queue - AND selecting the destination - "output to:" for mutiple selcted items in the render queue regardless of the first path i've been setting up.

Thank you so much for making Ae render queue less annoying.

mackdadd said...

"What about a simple "open in finder" for Mac or for PC "open in explorer" option?"

If you click open the little drop down options for Output Module in the render window, you'll see the output path is a live link. Click it. It opens your rendered file in an finder or explorer window. :)

Joe said...

A UI convention in AE has been that underlined things open to more functionality. Clicking to used just open some box but now you can scrub or enter values too.

Lloyd Alvarez said...

@Todd - I like picking sweet morsels out of the wonderful reference tree. I knew about dragging the output module before rendering which is extremely handy but I just realized that you can also do it post render and thought it was kind of neat.

@Rich - The scripts are only nerdy till you need them ;-)