November 18, 2009

Fxguide TV coverage of Smoke on OS X

Fxguide TV episode 72 has in depth coverage of Smoke on OS X:

"At the Inter BEE 2009 conference in Tokyo Autodesk showed a technology demo and announced Smoke on the Macintosh platform with a price of $14,995 (U.S. suggested retail price). We take an exclusive first look at Smoke on the Mac and talk with the product managers and developers to answer all the questions you may have."

Besides lacking some higher end features, $2000 of yearly license is mandated, compared to $1000 for Final Cut Studio outright. Still, the price is below comparable systems like Avid DS.

Also, check out a new blog by Scott Malkie, Smoke on OS X; intro and features movies are on the about Autodesk Smoke site.

Update: there's more on Youtube,

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