November 1, 2009

PremierePro "Next": 64-bit CUDA GPU + CPU model

If you're a Premiere user, you might keep an eye out choosing the graphics card in your next machine upgrade. In September there was news from Fxguide at IBC on demos of Adobe nVidia CUDA acceleration for compression and RED.

Now at Dav's Techtable there's more on PremierePro"Next" in It's Official: The future of Adobe video is 64 bit! (excerpts):

"For PremierePro"Next", we are moving to new GPU + CPU model which allows us to scale and divide the workload more efficiently between multiple CPU Cores and GPU Cores. It uses the new nVidia CUDA technology and is designed to work with nVidia cards such as the Geforce 285 and FX4800/5800 series.

We want to give our users plenty of time to upgrade their systems to 64 bit and to get ready for the changes that are quickly coming. Both Apple and Microsoft have released 2 excellent 64 bit OSes in 2009. Mac users already know how great the Mac OS is and Windows users can look forward to seeing Windows7 64 in action.They can also finally look forward to using all of that RAM they purchased.

Anyone looking to buy new hardware might want to know what the requirements will be to run CS"Next" and how make great use of their CS4 investment today. I am recommending Multiple Cores, 8GB RAM or more, one of the nVidia cards mentioned above, and either Win7 64 or OSX 10.6. Again, CS4 runs excellent on this config as well.

The 64 bit versions are still many many months away... The early performance tests are truly amazing."

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