February 5, 2010

Better control of Particle World

In his latest After Effects tutorial, Adam Everett Miller from AE Tuts shows how to attach the particle emitter (producer) in AE's built-in CC Particle World filter to a null for additional control, if you don't have the Trapcode Particular plug-in.

You also may want to look at various tutorials by Video Copilot (here's a free After Effects project) since information on PW is a bit thin at Adobe and Cycore.

To see more of what Particle World can do, download the CycoreFX Particle World Demo. It's a poor man's version of Brian Maffitt's old demo in that you have to render each comp separately and read along with the PDF. Cycore also offers a project that shows how to link After Effects 3D coordinates to Particle World 3D coordinates using expressions.

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