February 16, 2010

GenArts buys Tinderbox plug-ins from The Foundry

Fxguide and Xconomy|Boston look at the new strategic alliance between GenArts & The Foundry. Here's an excerpt from Fxguide's GenArts Buys Tinder plugins from the Foundry:

"The details of the deal are not published but as the Tinder Plug-ins are profitable they would have to be purchased at a multiple to the discounted cashflow they would generate, so for example if they generate a million dollars a year then the price would be some multiple of that discounted for inflation and allowing for the cost of getting that money from GenArts investors. This can be something approaching 5 to 10 times price to earnings. This means we will be well into this decade before the Tinder Sparks pay for themselves - assuming no new costs and that they continue to sell at present levels. For GenArts to make any money - and for their investors to see a profit, Hays must have a plan. Only three options seem viable:

* broaden the market to areas the Foundry never engaged such as the nearly 1.5 million legal FCP users
* increase the price (and risk selling less),
* find some way of making more of the technology (out guru the Foundry's Gurus)"


Michael said...

I am just wondering: Genarts acquired the Tinderbox plugins from The Foundry last year. Today I was checking out the Genarts website, since I am thinking about buying some plugins for myself now. I worked with Tinderbox on other jobs and love the tools.
But: I can't find them on the Genarts website. What's going on there? Still under development? Redesign? Discontinued? I don't believe that.
Any ideas?

Rich said...

I don't know their fate.

While having the source code is important, having the programmer who wrote is more important, and i'm not sure what Genarts has. They also have their own product Sapphire that runs across platforms, NLEs, and effects programs.

I would expect Genarts would be folding more things into Sapphire or similar over time, but timing is the wrinkle then huh.

dachonk said...

So Tinderbox 3 is dead ? definitely ? I'm looking for the Turner plugin.

Rich said...

I think they were integrated into Sapphire if they were needed and not already there.

Unfortunately I'm not using Sapphire now, though they would be handy now in Premiere and AE.