February 28, 2010

Jobs: 'No worries. FCP is alive and well.'

Following up on the Twitter on Apple layoffs of 40 of the Pro Apps team, Mac Soda reports an iPhone message from a Steve Jobs:

"No worries. FCP is alive and well."

That's good news, but not surprising since the jobs cuts apparently weren't in Cupertino! Mac Soda's previous post on The State of Final Cut wasn't convincing about "timming the fat" -- "40 people weren’t doing a good job." But who knows, maybe the boosters will find their way back into the outback of the infinite loop.

For something ridiculous, see Apple's Influence on Visual Arts is Rotting to the Core from Jason Perlow on ZD Net.


Satya Meka said...

I don't think Apple is that interested in Pro Applications anymore. They have become a consumer level company and have little interest in making the Pro Apps ground breaking.

Rich said...

But they do have the chump change to buy Avid, or keep the Final Cut Suite number 2.

Rich said...

Also, I think they still need the Mac for now as part of their ecosystem, and the OS itself seems well out ahead of the others.