March 13, 2011

The Particular After Effects of After Effects

Note to self on perspective: this little psunami video from Japan, if you watch the first 3 minutes only it's like "oh whatever" -- but stick with it. Via @seanbonner, @petebw, etc. Plus, a state of emergency at five nuclear reactors! The Atlantic has pictures of the aftermath. Godzilla is an interesting metaphor, and those mocking Japan now about Pearl Harbor (see Ignorant and Online) aren't immune to natural disasters

Ok, Carpal tunnel's not as bad a tsunami, but still these cartoons hit home. There's another one as well...

Update: hiding beneath the funny... the "Bear" dies, and via Andrew Sullivan, an analysis of the recent NPR takedown by James O'Keefe (more), infamous for his manipulation of video on ACORN. Does raw video of NPR expose reveal questionable editing & tactics? is from "The Blaze, a Web site owned by Glenn Beck and edited by Scott Baker, a co-founder and former editor of"

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