March 20, 2011

After Effects for documentaries + cutting rhythms

Richard Harrington notes some Useful Videos About Documentary Editing, including An Overview of After Effects for Documentary Editors, a presentation by Steve Audette and Mark Dugas given at a PBS conference. Embedded below, it's pretty basic but very effectively shows how a little bit of AE can add a lot of style. Harrington also notes other videos by Audette like "Thoughts on Documentary Editing."

For similar resources to liven up static content, see Animate a Photo Mosaic in After Effects, The Ken Burns Effect — and beyond, and other AEP resources for multiplane animation.

Also interesting is Todd Kopriva's notes on free chapters from Karen Pearlman’s Cutting Rhythms and podcasts available through the Art of the Guillotine, a very useful aggregator website on editing.


Steve Audette said...

Thank you for linking to my simple demo. Lots of documentary editors are intimidated by the sophistication of AE, so I wanted to show that it can be a friendly tool that can be easily added to their workflow. A bit more complicated work can be seen here:

Thank you again.

Abdul Rahman said...

It's seriously amazing, i'm using after effect my self as a motion designer, this simple tricks realy reminds of how great is this tool,,,and how different industry categories could achieve great results with their own perspective no matter how simple it is, but sure it's effecting the outcome. better say perfecting it.

Yashu said...

i´d like to know how he made that effect in ayato, is it posible applying videos on ayato effect¿? .. can anyone make that tutorial to show please? i need it to learn for a presentation.. thanks

Rich said...

see "Animate a Photo Mosaic in After Effects" -- there's a video tutorialk in there