March 21, 2011

BS Compositing Bundle: free plug-ins

BS Compositing Bundle for After Effects is a free bundle of 3 Pixel Bender plug-ins for After Effects CS4+.

They're from Bartek Skorupa (no BS), who has a demo explaining the purpose and features of the new filters at AEtuts, Enhance Your Workflow: BS Compositing Bundle – Plug-ins Presentation. The filters are replacements for Set Matte, Compound Arithmetic (adding color correction), and Tint but with extra features and 32-bit processing oriented towards compositing passes from 3D apps.

Edit & update: the BS_CompositingBundle is now available at AE Scripts.


Kenneth Rosenstrøm said...

"You have to download the filter plug-ins from Creative Crash, and you have to register with them to do it. "

No, you can get them directly at

Just click Download

Bartek Skorupa said...

At the moment the plugins themselves are available at:
The direct link to the plugins at ae.tutsplus will be removed shortly. will be the only source of plugins themselves.
This way I will be able to manage the plugins easily.
If I decide to make some upgrade - I will have to publish this only in one place.
I removed the files from creativecrash as well.
Sorry for the mess at the beginning.

Rich said...

Oh good, and no more rare "user error" too.