March 10, 2011

Better compression on the Mac with x264

Jim Geduldick (@FILMBOT) has an new x264 Encoder Tutorial for as an alternative to the QuickTime codec for producing H.264 files on the Mac (embedded below).

This video tutorial is on Already Been Done, a skateboarding resource. As usual, there's are other tutorials, for example one by Satya Meka, Quick Tip – Better Compression With X264. And there were tips and utilities before that, some found in More on Quicktime’s H.264 gamma bug at AE Portal.

Jim Geduldick: H.264 files / x264 Encoder Tutorial from Already Been Done on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Tried using it to convert a 1080 Proress master to x264. It came out looking terrible at times. It screwed up the colors so some shots that looked soloarized. Had to use MPEG Streamclip since Adobe Media Encoder CS5 didnt even see it after installation in the QT Library folder. No thanks on this one, H,264 works just fine for me ;-)

Anonymous said...

x264 is by far the best way to make a h264 compressed movie, but if you don't want any actual control, and you don't care about Apple randomly and incorrectly changing your gamma and colorspace, then by all means use their standard consumer encoder.

Rich said...

Also, you won't have that problem with Adobe Media Encoder if you don't use QT.