January 14, 2009

Premiere & CamStudio solution +screen capture

Filed under obscure Windows reference, via Mathias Mohl on the AE-List...

Premiere Pro doesn't interpret the alpha of the CamStudio 2.0 screen capture codec well. CamStudio is a free screen capture tool; the codec is a recent update. Joseph Labrecque has a solution beyond transcoding in After Effects -- the LZOCodec works with Premiere CS3 once you disable the alpha channel. The LZOCodec can be found at http://usuarios.lycos.es/lzocodec/.

By the way CamStudio seems to perform better than Microsoft's free Windows Media Encoder 9 and of course is far cheaper than Camtasia. Easy Video Capture, which can be found among his list of screen recorders for Windows.

On the Mac, it seems that Snapz Pro has competition from cheaper and more recent apps like iShowU, Screenflick, and Screenflow. Plus there's Mouseposé for cursors highlighting, overlays of keystrokes, etc., and a new Mac utility Layers, which captures windows as layers in a Photoshop file.

Update: A roundup of apps and browser tools can be found at Screen Capture Tools: 40+ Free Tools and Techniques.

Update 2: Here's another roundup of Window tools from April 2010 35 Irresistible Free and Commercial Screen Recording Tools.

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