January 30, 2009

Motion blur for Mocha corner pin data

On the AE-List, mocha corner pin data by Yan Masterson of Spot Post. The preset uses expressions to link a Directional Blur filter's angle to a corner pin.

"From Yan..... 'Mocha is such a great tracker, it was worth working out how to add motion blur in AE from the corner-pin data. So here's a link to an After Effects favourite that does just that with a directional blur. The expressions only deal with planar motion-blur, which is good enough for most shots (i.e.those that don't crash-zoom).'

A few notes on how to use it: Copy and paste your corner-pin tracking data from Mocha, and paste it onto your layer in AE as usual. This adds a corner-pin effect to your layer. Then apply this MB_for_Mocha favourite to the same layer. This adds a directional blur effect linked to the corner-pinning. All you need to do now is match the amount of blurring. Move on to a frame in the timeline where you have lots of movement. In the directional blur effect in the timeline, drag the 'Blur length' up until the amount of FG blur matches your BG shot (about 150 works for me). The 'Blur length' will pop back down to 0.3 or so - that's because it's calculating the blur based on the amount that you just gave it divided by the amount of movement for that particular frame.
Presto! Motion blur!'"

Ross adds, "Also note that a Red Giant's Warp and RE:Vision's Re:Map Planar can both use mocha track data for corner pinning with motion blur." And there's even a newer tutorial for using Red Giant Warp & mocha for After Effects by Eran Stern.

Other mocha tutorials were mentioned here. Background for the corner pin issue can be found in a previous post, Mocha for After Effects +Corner Pin thread.

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