January 28, 2009

Nvidia Quadro CX v. GeForce GTX 260 for CS4

Jan Ozer takes a test drive with the Nvidia Quadro CX and Adobe CS4 at Digital Content Producer. It's the test part of an earlier installment that explained why having a powerful graphics card wasn't that important in previous versions of CS products.

Ozer looks at how Nvidia's Quadro CX (around $2,000) can accelerate performance in Adobe CS 4 (Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro) and notes "that Adobe had certified Nvidia's GeForce GTX 260 for use with After Effects and Photoshop, and that this $300 card costs a fraction of the Quadro CX's retail price tag. So is the Quadro CX worth the significant investment and why?"

Update: High Definition for PC reviews The NVIDIA Quadro CX with Adobe’s CS4 Suite; it seems like a great buy if you're using the Cartoon filter extensively -- but there's more parts of the review coming.


Hexameta said...

I currrently run an 8800GT. Would the GTX 260 be worth purchasing for use with CS4?

Rich said...

Just for AE? Ozer is mainly looking at encoding, I think. AE doesn't really take advantage of 3d acceleration well.

It doesn't sound like your machine is that old, so it seems like that would be money better given to luckless orphans and the starving.

And new tech is coming on mass now, like Intel Cire i7, DDR3 RAM, etc -- along with new OSes from Apple and Microsoft. You can get a Dell Core i7 with 4GB DDR3 for $1000 now but you'd miss a new OS.

I guess it depends on your needs.