January 9, 2009

After Effects Apprentice video on CS4 interface

Chris & Trish Meyer have posted an introduction to the AE CS4 interface from the 2nd edition of After Effects Apprentice, a book designed for students and those who do not use AE full time like editors and web designers.

The DVD-ROM that comes with the new edition of the book includes an hour and a half of video tutorials that provide gentle introductions to major features inside After Effects, such as text and expressions.


D.GRAPHICS said...

i have this e.book & the dvd
(After Effects Apprentice)
and downloading it from this site :
<< www.softstreet.net>>

but i am facing a problem.
there is a missing file (part.32)

so can you help me to find it so that i will sharing it with you

(this is my email:
d_graphics69@live.com ))

Rich said...

That's a very alluring offer, but I can't help you. I don't have that book either.

There's a ton of free stuff, much of it listed on this blog. You might try Andrew Kramer's free intro course at Videocopilot.com and you can get a free day or week from Lynda.com and view intensively. Plus there's a ton of stuff on Adobe.TV.