August 3, 2010

'Matrix' AE script makes cards dance

AE Scripts has a new After Effects script, Matrix, which breaks your layer into pieces and animates it for you with a bunch of options.

It's an inexpensive script, but it's not clear what advantages it has over built-in effects like the Card Dance filter [see comments for some good reasons]. For more on Card Dance and similar effects, see Animate a Photo Mosaic in After EffectsCard Dance transition, Camera Rig script & Particular 3D Ribbon, and Serial 3D flip effect in AE.

See also a Total Training video from Brian Maffitt (he created the effect) on Using gradients to control the Card Dance plugin's behavior, and Ayato's Card Dance Flag.


Unknown said...

The difference between matrix and card dance is that matrix is a one click solution. Card dance requires you to watch and understand a tutorial in order to achieve a similar effect.

Rich said...

Yes, the Card Wipe transition is much easier than Card Dance, and I could see how having actual 3D layers might be easier even though Card Dance works with a Comp Camera.

Mike Cardeiro said...

I dont have a lot of experience with card dance, so forgive me if I misspeak. As far as I know card dance is an 8bit effect; matrix is how ever many bits your project is.

Also, there does not appear to be an easy way to randomly transition your layer with card dance (unless I've missed something).