March 6, 2010

Card Dance transition, Camera Rig script, & Particular 3D Ribbon

Via Lester Banks, Chris Hodgson of syrup syrup has an After Effects tutorial on Motion Design Love that demonstrates how to create a transition using the built-in filter Card Dance. AE Help has more on Card Dance, which only works in 8-bit/pixel mode but is able to use the AE camera and lights in the same composition.

MDL - Create a cool logo transition using card particle from Motion Design Love on Vimeo.

And, via Motion Design Love's This week in Motion Design series, Hypoly posted his Simple Camera Rig Script that will set up a simple camera rig with rotation and position controls located in one Control Null. He says it's easier to use than the Simple Camera Rig by Maltaannon, and explains how to make his work with Videocopilot's Sure Target 2.

Hypoly also shows you how to create a 3D Ribbon / Wire in AE with Trapcode Particular and a few expressions.

3D Ribbon / Wire in After Effects from Hypoly on Vimeo.

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