March 31, 2010

Open Forum for Motion Design Standards of Practice

FXguide’s Jeff Heusser had some comments on the VFX Town Hall in VFX Town Hall – how did it go, what did it mean? and John Nack mentioned NYT coverage of the brutal market for pro photographers.

And now via Filmbot is The Open Forum for Motion Design Standards of Practice:

"an open, collaborative site aims at establishing standards of practice for employers and employees in the motion design industry, including freelance animators, designers, art directors, and visual effects artists.The site's goals include:
  • creating an organized repository of best practices for motion design employers and employees.
  • providing practical tips for freelancers and contract artists.
  • establishing and discussing ethical and professional standards for the motion design industry."
Motiongrapher had some background a few weeks ago in Freelance Standards of Practice.

Update: the Freelancers Union takes polls and exposes delinquent clients.

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Josh Townsend's Gainesville Ripper News Blog said...

When/if a VFX union comes about you could get software companies on your side by offering to make sure union companies have valid licenses for there software.

As a Union make it mandatory when outsourcing work that Indian roto/paint factories have proof that each station has legit software. That drive the price up to something we could compete with.