March 16, 2010

898: the maximum number of scripts in AE CS4

On the After Effects Mail List, the AE team's Jeff Almasol noted that subfolders influence the maximum number of scripts in After Effects CS4:

"...check for a script that contains a subfolder of support script files. the older version of the script lloyd referenced had something like 1000 files in a subfolder, but an updated version seems to have fixed it (by enclosing the folder in parentheses). also follow aliases/shortcuts to other folders."

in a comment below, Jeff provides a hard limit for AE CS4 9.0.2 -- 898 on Windows and 897 on Mac. Jeff is also the author of Additional Scripts for After Effects CS4 which includes Launch Pad, which creates a docking panel to run other installed scripts.


redefinery said...

didn't think i'd be quoted with such a squishy amount as >700. :-) actual limit in AE CS4 9.0.2 seems to be 898 on Windows and 897 on Mac.

oh, and can you fix the spelling of my last name (Almasol)? thx.

Rich said...

Sorry I thought I fixed that. And thanks for the update.