March 19, 2010

Four techniques for combining fonts + type videos

Via @daleBradshaw is Four Ways to Mix Fonts from Ask H&FJ, which at base says "keep one thing consistent, and let one thing vary" before explaining their 4 approaches:
  1. Use a palette with wit -- use typefaces with complimentary moods to evoke an energetic air
  2. Use a palette with energy -- mix typefaces from the same historical period whose families have different features
  3. Use a palette with poise -- mix typefaces with similar line quality if they offer different textures
  4. Use a palette with dignity -- mix typefaces with similar proportions and give each a different role
Also, check out Choosing Fonts for Annual Reports again from Ask H&FJ.

To see stuff in motion, check out the new roundup on AETuts by Topher Welsh, 25 Amazing Typography Videos, and part of series of round-ups by Motion Design Love, Nice Type Tuesday 10.

UPDATE: in late 2014 featured Foundations of Typography: Choosing and Combining Typefaces with Ina Saltz.


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