March 22, 2010

Next Adobe Lightroom dips toes in video waters

CNET reports that the Next Adobe Lightroom dips toes in video waters:

"A second beta of Lightroom 3 due Monday will get the ability to import and manage videos, according to what looks like a legitimate if prematurely posted Adobe news release at Digital Photography Now.

Adobe didn't respond to requests for comment. But according to the release, these features also look to be in the new version [of the public the beta]:

• Tethered shooting, a feature professionals like that lets photos be sent directly from the camera to a computer as they're shot. It works with Canon and Nikon cameras.
• A second crack at a reworked import process--a change from Lightroom 2 that forum commenters seemed either to loathe or like. Images also import and load faster.
• Fleshed-out noise reduction that's central to the Lightroom 3 promise of better image quality: instead of just offering chrominance noise reduction that deals with color variation, the new beta adds luminance noise reduction that deals with brightness variation."

Update: Julieanne Kost explains What's New in Lightroom 3 Beta beta 2 on AdobeTV, the 4th in the series on LR3. See more at Photoshop User (video) and at Lightroom Journal, which has tips and advice straight from the Lightroom team.

**Update 2: the Indianapolis FCP User Group has a 7-part series (!) by Rob Chinn on Aperture 3 - Video Asset Management: Tips, Tricks, & Resources.

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