March 15, 2010

No plug-in rolling shutter fix in After Effects

Lester Banks noted a rolling shutter fix in after effects, with no plugins by Mike Huetz, who has an After Effects tutorial and AEP using Nikon D90 footage (720, 24fps).

Plug-ins to fix rolling shutter problems (skew, wobble, and partial exposure caused C-MOSS sensors rolling shutters) include solutions by NewBlue Video Essentials III and by The Foundry [and later ProDAD Mercalli]. See the Prolost look at The Foundry Rolling Shutter plug-in, which also gives the Maschwitz opinion on 30p to 24p conversions. That opinion is now updated in a fresh post, Converting 30p to 24p..

Rolling Shutter Fix Tutorial from Mike Huetz on Vimeo.

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